Are you out of your tiny little mind?

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I am systematic, obsessive and intelligent. I am prone to dramatic swings in philosophy. I have a long-running string of in-jokes and personnas that I am not afraid to use, I bite, I waste money and friends, and I have a steadily growing number of machines that compensate for my complete lack of faith of any kind.

I say "of any kind", but I do have some sympathies with Zen Buddhism and Chaos theory.

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I have several musical projects hosted at http://www.liamjames.com , and sometimes play bass in a band called Lilith Vile.
1d4+2, 22.11.03, 27.09.03, 31.10.03, a glass of red, a pitcher of metal, additive synthesis, amusing pornography, analytic philosophy, ancient mod music, anything that moves, aphex twin, arcturus, attack rabbit, azmyth bats, barfloor philosophising, bill hicks, billy howerdel, björk guðmundsdóttir, black cauldrons, brian froud, bruce campbell, building my army, burning it down, changing colour, chaos, chaos theory, chris morris, chuck palahniuk, composing, confusing lesser folk, constructing shotguns from flora, continental philosophy, copying dave mckean, creation, cthulhu, cubase sx, danny lohner, david bowie, designing my own tomb, devin townsend, dr roger, dressing as dereØn, eating flowers, epic quests, ethics, family guy, fiendish bevahiour, fluttery leaves, free will, fucking ewoks, gems, getting inside people, getting it right, gingerbread men, hamsoft, hoarding precious things, hp lovecraft, hr giger, iain banks, immanuel kant, influencing mortal will, intoxicating mushrooms, jago, japan, japanese rock, karl marx, katanas, kidnapping people, kiki's red lightning, kiki's remains, killhamster's icons, kinetic groups, life, little weed, ljdrama.org, logic, lynching lynch, making girls come, making girls make noise, marking people, maynard james keenan, melt banana, metaphysics, mike patton, munching seeds, murder extortion and shit, musicbox metal, musing, múm, neil gaiman, nin, nonsense, organised crime, people without direction, personnas, philip k. dick, photo.net, photography, physical synthesis, planting weapons, playing god, polyphonic industrial, quadnet, ramen, reconstructive emotional surgery, removing reproductive systems, requiem for a dream, robbing the waterside, ruining good chess games, sansai ramen, saving throws, sdrawkcab gnipyt, semantics, singing at people's windows, sleeping alone, smack babbit, small shiny things, solipsism, songwriting, spacking out, squarepusher, standing like liam, standing waves, string theory, synthesisers, synthetic funk, talking like a pirate, talking to trees, tax, the a56, the day today, the female body, the manchester trinity, the nomadic lifestyle, the other trinity, tool, trent reznor, vast, vocoders, wasting money, watching girls come, zen buddhism

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