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Things, people are always changing. The friends you are closest to today could be people you don't have anything in common with tomorrow. Any relationship built on care and necessity is a fragile thing.

You can't glue your own wings together- this world is all about who you know and how you treat them.
When you spread your wings you push those closest to you away.

I have been working as a graphic designer, but unfortunately this started to turn into marketing. If I believed in the "product" I would have been comfortable with that change, but I did not, so I was not. So I have recently quit.

In an attempt to balance my moral scales I am volunteering in Madagascar for three months, starting in a few weeks.

I've done quite a few competitive runs since we last spoke, and I'm not bad. I'm light and well toned (exercise is how I procrastinate), so even before I started training I was doing pretty well. Just lucky with my body I guess. I'm hoping to try the London Marathon next year.

I'm... kinda... single at the moment- I've spent a year and a half with a lovely girl called Lydia, but she's moving to London to do a PHD and neither of us are fond of "the distance thing". We've both agreed (me more than her, I think..) that the best thing to do is to treat it as a break up, and then see what happens if I ever end up moving to London. I'm taking this very well.

Due to overuse through years 2001-2007 my emotions have been well and truly fried. Unfortunately they're out of warranty, and I cannot afford to replace them at present. So for the last two years I've been taking things very well.

I hope you are happy and in sterling health. You are gorgeous, beautiful and bonny. Enjoy your week. :)

(normal service will resume shortly - or for those otherwise inclined I am Liam James on facebook)

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Sorry to hear about you and Lydia, but I understand, long-distance is almost never fun.. :( x

Well I believe in our long distance friendship. I am so thankful that you are always there. Madagascar! My dog is from Madagascar! Well his breed, from the town of Tulear, and sailed with pirates. Go little white scruff dog.

What are you volunteering to do? But... I'm on FB, and will soon learn more I hope! I wish you health and happiness as well. :)


I wish I could procrastinate like you. I tend to sit on the internet. What a waste. :/
Whoo for Madagascar. Sounds like an adventure! :D

Dear Liam,
Do you know how many Liam James's there are on facebook?


I'm also at (because I am). :)

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