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CSS Insults
cluhji yiujg

Div<div id=”you”></div>

“You’re a div.”

Absolute Div<div id=”you” style=”position:absolute;”></div>

“You’re an absolute div.”

No Class or Style<div id=”you” style=”" class=”"></div>

“You’re a div with no class and no style.”

Padding<div id=”you” style=”padding:50px;”></div>

“You’ve got fifty-pixel padding.”

Padding and Margin<div id=”you” style=”padding:50px;margin-left:50px;”></div>

“You’ve got padding AND margin.”

Bottom Padding<div id=”you” style=”padding-bottom:50px;”></div>

“You’ve got fifty-pixel bottom padding.”

Floater<div id=”you” style=”float:right;”></div>

“You’re a right floater.”

Firefox<div id=”you” class=”ie6″></div>

“You look wrong in firefox.”

Opacity<div id=”you” style=”opacity:0%;”></div>

“You’re completely transparent. In certain browsers.”

Invalid<div id=”you” style=”/

“You don’t even validate.”

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