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Left in the Dust
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I've been burning too low and too quickly, and now I'm found stranded on the floor without a candle. Just finished my exams, my dissertation and my university experience, and suddenly I need to get a life.


I wonder if that's how everyone feels when they run out of the building screaming.

"I've finished! I've finally finished!
Oh God!
What the hell?"

So now I'm doing what any self-respecting man would do in the circumstances. I'm hiding. I'm getting on with some projects and waiting for my results and overdraft to run out. Then I'll wait for my tears to run out, then I'll sell my body on the street. I have it all planned out.
You see, I've got this plan. This one big score. Things are all going to click, and then *click*.

Projects... things... I'm still a hermit.

Oh, and
if you comment, I'll
1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
8 - In return, you must post this in your LJ.

Why not. I was never one of the cool kids.

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All you have to do is conquer the world. What's the pressure in that? ;)

None- taking over the world should be simple. Meeting at my place at 8pm.
Someone once told me you had to conquer the world *and* be able to look yourself in the eye afterwards, though. That's the kick. Turn up to the meeting anyway though, there will be biscuits.

Now, about you...

1 - I'd been following your journal for a while, as we had mutual friends. Pretty much every post had something interesting to say, and you often found things I hadn't seen. Your comments on other journals showed a high level of intelligence and a good sense of humour. I made a lame excuse to add you to my list when we commented in the same thread one day.
2 - Rush- Red Barchetta. I only recently found and listened to it because of your short but sweet review.
3 - You have a not-so-secret love of disposable romantic comedies starring teen heart-throbs.
4 - ...I vaguely remember you getting laid off. :)

5 - I don't associate you with any characters, but if I had to choose, it'd currently be Peter Parker... but only because you're the only person I know who has said the Spiderman film is good. I guess the split-personality thing is quite easy to imagine when all you do is read text, too. But perhaps that says more about me than it does about you.
6 - How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
7 - I actually like the DOOM one you've just used. Keep it oldschool.
8 - In return you must post this in your LJ, according to this crap meme. But I'm not big on memes, so feel free not to. :)

which street exactly?

Haha, you'll have to ask Frances. She's both my pimp and sole client, so I do my best to keep her happy. :)

Now, about you...

1 - I was seduced by your wit and charm, m'dear. No matter what was going on in your life, you always took the time to be nice to a slightly emotional young Englishman, and it always made me smile. You also had (and still have) an impeccable taste in music.
2 - Why did I just think of Top Gun? I think it must be the idea of flying over there, playing volleyball with you and giving you a jumping, camp high-five. Blush is on my to-see list because of you, though, so I'll put that down instead.
3 - You actually know how to make yourself happy, and you're on your way. You deserve to be happy. Also, you write English better than at least 99.5% of English people.
4 - Lots of flirting. Very fun. :)

5 - I'm not so sure. It seems as though your life is moving quickly, and you're doing your best to look around and still enjoy yourself. Maybe a female Ferris Beuller, with a big dash of bookstore-clerk and a touch of Bond girl. ;)
6 - Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
7 - Choices, choices. It's a beauty, though.
8 - In return you must post this in your LJ, according to this crap meme. But I'm not big on memes, so feel free not to. :)

Can you touch your nose with your tongue...

despite all the practice, it still remains one of my many failures in life.


"I've finished! I've finally finished!
Oh God!
What the hell?"

Yep, I had the exact same thought process. It's like, yay, I'm finished! But...what do know, do now? *hides*

Come out of hiding, I haven't seen you for ages!

Now, about you...

1 - I added you here because I knew you in person, and you're awesome.
2 - I'll associate you with Journey- Don't Stop Believing. Not because of the song's subject matter, but because it's epic and awesome, underplayed and a complete one-off. The rest of the Journey stuff is arguably a bit standard, really... but not you!
3 - You used to be a shy and quiet girl until we subjected you to Angus and forced you to act as a feisty businesswoman in a high-school play!
4 - The look on your face when Angus first did his heinous Falcon voice.

5 - I'd look for a character with sass and elegance, a touch of OCD, a lot of humour and a great smile. How about "Clean Your Teeth" from Stoppit and Tidyup?
I'd think of something more attractive, but I don't want to make Frances suspicious. ;)
6 - Did Mike ever touch you inappropriately?
7 - Either you in the aviator shades, or the more-recent one of you looking glamorous.
8 - In return you must post this in your LJ, according to this crap meme. But I'm not big on memes, so feel free not to. :)

It's always so good to read you. :) What projects are you working on? I read your other blog too. Just so you know.

Thanks! I'll update more now I have no excuses. No idea what with, though, I think my life's about to become very boring. I'll probably write some more short stories and enigmatic prose. :)
I'll write something about what I'm doing at the moment soon too.

Now, about you...

1 - You received glowing reviews from both Matt and Mike. I found you to be warm and thoughtful, and I loved the way that the characters in your journal all received descriptive pseudonyms. It makes things interesting for the reader, and helps preserve your inner sanctum of privacy.
2 - Clam Abuse - Unlucky in Love
3 - You let things get to you very easily, and you bottle it up so the main issues just keep haunting you. It's a shame, because you're lovely and deserve peace.
4 - One of my first memories was reading back entries trying to understand Biscuit, and feeling woefully too inexperienced to give any advice. :(

5 - I'd pitch you as a more intelligent tech-oriented Amelie. Things don't always go your way, but you seem very compassionate and concerned about how your life impacts on other peoples'.
6 - Do you like having your photograph taken?
7 - I like your Sandman Death userpic. It reminds me I need to read much more Neil Gaiman. :)
8 - You've already done this! :)

Much love and congratulations :)

Thanks you.

1 - You were always awake at the same time as me, and good fun to talk to on msn. I felt as though we always got somewhere by the end of our conversations- a slightly happier, slightly random place.
2 - Every time I see your userpic I think of [Venetian Snares - "Fuck Off"], and it makes me think you're sitting there screaming into your monitor. Then my brain kicks in and I start thinking of some múm or something to make me feel better.
3 - You're lactose-intolerant. When you were young, you used to believe that you were a faery.
4 - I remember a conversation where you told me you'd always wanted an older brother, and I offered to be some kind of online version. I'm sorry I've been a bit crap. :)

5 - Milo from the film Koneko monogatari (The Adventures of Milo and Otis) .
6 - I'm pretty bad at this. Are you going to be okay?
7 - Of the two, it has got to be the other one. ;)
8 - In return you must post this in your LJ, according to this crap meme. But I'm not big on memes, so feel free not to. :)

strange feeling to have actually finished isn't it! I remember going straight to the pub after my last exam! It didn't really hit me till a few days tho, I went back home and it was like "shit... it really is finished, what happens now?!"

what sort of projects you working on?

Urgh, lots of projects, but I have no idea which of them are going to pan out. I'll make another proper structured update this weekend, I think, otherwise I'll just rush through and make an ass of myself.

Now, about you...

1 - I think we met in the Manchester community? Through David? In any case, you seemed like a very friendly guy, had similar interests and looked like you'd buy me a pint, so I took the risk. ;)
2 - When I picture you I think of APC playing through your headphones. :)
3 - Your website gets redeveloped more often than my brother changes his underwear.
4 - Looking at your watch and going "The time, sponsored by Sam, is..."

5 - Maybe Ludo from Labyrinth, because you're big and friendly, and deceptively smart.
6 - ... can I have a piggyback?
7 - Your default - It's you, and I can actually tell what's going on!
8 - In return you must post this in your LJ, according to this crap meme. But I'm not big on memes, so feel free not to. :)

That happened to me! You'll be pleased to know that you'll then get your first job and the same thing will happen. My contract runs out in September, so...

"I've finished! I've finally finished!
Oh God!
What the hell?"

And now you have to do the 8-point thingy, hehe xx

1 - You started getting cosy with one of my pizza buddies, and I was hired by Pappa to put a stop to you. However, as history shows, I was bewitched by your innocence and cherubine smile, and let you live.
2 - Anything by 36 Crazyfists, as I don't know anyone else who endures them. :)
3 - You were once misled into half-believing a malicious rumour that Gaz drilled a hole in his bathroom wall in order to spy on Matt taking showers.
4 - That was actually one of the first times we had a proper conversation- when we came up to Sheffield to have a look around. My first memories are just passing ones, though, when you and David were at that Halloween party, or bumping into you both in Manchester.

5 - Beauty and the Beast? Erm, sorry David...
6 - Why David? Hehe.
7 - That crazy pink looping one. Right there.
8 - In return you must post this in your LJ, according to this crap meme. But I'm not big on memes, so feel free not to. :)

Freedom is such a self-directed project.

Your turn, now.


1 - We had mutual friends, and you looked and sounded interesting. I started talking to you on msn and realised you were lovely, and a *very* good conversationalist.
2 - It might not sound flattering, but I'd probably associate you with the film Forrest Gump. You have a great story to tell, but don't seem too bothered about telling it! Your life sounds so interesting, but you're much more concerned with making sure everyone's alright and feels happy. And that's so unique and refreshing. You deserve multiple awards just the way you are. :)
3 - You love travelling, and you surf.
4 - I remember you planning a road-trip to Las Vegas, and I was disappointed I couldn't go too.

5 - The Scarlet Pimpernel. :D
6 - I always want to know this one. Are you happy?
7 - Your default picture is definitely the best. You need some more like it. :)
8 - In return you must post this in your LJ, according to this crap meme. But I'm not big on memes, so feel free not to. :)

Sorry for splitting the comments up- Livejournal is rejecting anything I post over a certain size. I suspect the server I'm on is getting buried in traffic and half of the packets are being dropped. I've tried several times during the day with no luck, so this seems like the only way to do it. I can't even edit the original post with this ammendment, as it just hangs.




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